Construction management is perhaps best summed up as the procurement route whereby

• designers design

• trade contractors detail and deliver their packages

• where the construction manager manages the process

• the client leads and accepts the risk on a project for
  which they are ultimately responsible.

TOLI Can provide the Construction Management resource for activities including:

Programming of design and construction activity, including information release programmes, approvals and reprogramming to meet overall completion dates.

Advising on buildability construction methodologies and sequencing including assistance with the selection of materials or, in some instances, the use of prefabrication.

Commenting on and monitoring the progress of design development.

Advising on requirements for preconstruction works, temporary works, mock-ups and testing.

Packaging up the works into well coordinated and clearly demarcated trade contracts, together with the definition of the transfer of design responsibility.

Advising on the pre-qualification of trade contractors.

Preparing and collating pre-qualification and tender documentation together with the administration and negotiation of the tender process.

Managing, planning and controlling the work of trade contractors, including the administration of design approvals and inspections.

Monitoring and reporting on overall progress, advising on issues related to trade contractor performance and forecasting the impact of design changes or disruption to the progress of the works.

Managing financial aspects of the project, including trade contract valuations, claims and administration of contra-charges.

Initiating action by the client and project team to mitigate delays or cost overrun.

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